2 bottles of blush Toy Renewal Powder, the first bottle is standing right side up, and displays toy renewal powder (product name), by blush, Sensa Feel logo, and XS logo. The second bottle is laying face down showing the lid.
blush Toy Renewal Powder features: Keeps toys ready to play; Refresh your favourite TPE/TPR Toys; Easy twist lid; Squeezable bottle; Body-Safe, food grade.
How to use blush Toy Renewal Powder: 1 Peel the wrap (image of peeling outer label from lid); Rotate lid (image showing fingers twisting lid counter-clockwise); use Renewal Powder (image showing the holes open for application); Liberally sprinkle powder (image showing powder pouring on toy from bottle); 2 Spread to evenly coat (image showing hands rubbing powder on the toy); 3 brush off any excess (image showing product ready of toy after application). In the bottom left is 2 bottles of the product.
An image of a female hands sprinkling blush Toy Renewal Powder on a pink dildo, that is already covered with powder on, and all around it. On top right is written "Keep your toys ready to play".
A male is holding blush Toy Renewal Powder upside down, and sprinkling the powder on a stroker, with the powder on, and all over the toy. On the left side is written "Refreshes your toy".
blush Toy Renewal Powder measurements: Product width: 4.5 centimetres / 1.75 inches; Product height: 14 centimetres / 5.5 inches.

blush Toy Renewal Powder

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A dusting powder to refresh your favourite TPE / TPR toys to maintain their lifelike texture. Twist the lid and squeeze the bottle for easy application. blush Toy Renewal Powder refreshes self lubrication properties in self lubricated toys.

blush Toy Renewal Powder is lab tested & verified body-safe for long term use. This powder is safe for TPE dolls, strokers, dildos and other adult toys.

  • Lab tested & verified body safe
  • Refresh your favourite TPE/TPR toys to maintain their lifelike texture & keeps them ready to play
  • Easy twist lid & squeeze bottle for easy application
  • Refreshes self lubrication properties in self lubricated toys