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Everyone has the right to discover their sexual potential and the joy it can bring.The Satisfyer Collectionwas designed to bring the most inclusive range of products accessible to all - regardless of sexual preference, socio-economic background, age, gender or skill level. Satisfyer has a growing assortment of adult toys that democratize sexual wellness, while fulfilling every need and desire - especially the ones you never knew you had.

Satisfyer Connect App

Broaden your horizons, with the Satisfyer Connect App! Connect securely with millions of other users, or find your special someone who may not be within a close proximity to you, and let them control you or vice-versa! 

The new Satisfyer Connect App is available for all operating systems – both Android and iOS, including Apple Watch. It’s free and will surprise you again every month with its exciting functions.  

The app connects via Bluetooth or internet and controls your clit vibrator with breathtaking vibration combinations. It works as a remote control and can use your cell phone microphone to turn ambient noise into vibrations or transfer entire Spotify Playlists to your clitoris with breathtaking rhythms.  

The app meets the strict requirements of the German and European data protection laws. That means only you have access to the app and can enjoy yourself without disturbances. You can also let your partner control the app for extra tingling experiences or let other users control your Satsifyer in video chats. 

Available on Apple App Store or get it on Google Play!