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Adult Toys For Him

Adult Toys are not only designed with female body parts in mind. Toys For Him is our fastest growing category designed to enhance your solo time, as-well as increase performance, and enjoyment with your partner.

Cock Rings & Vibrating Cock Rings
The main reasons men and their partners choose to use Cock Rings are for erection support, and enhancement. Tension from the ring helps prevent blood from leaving the penis once it’s erect. The additional stimulation may also be helpful for people who experience erectile dysfunction or have medical conditions that leave them unsupported. 

Cock Rings come in all shapes, sizes and textures. They are usually worn at the base of your penis or around the shaft, and scrotom area. The Rings are made out of different materials, that produce different effects, For Him and For Her. Avid users report that cock rings make their erections harder, making them last longer, and intensifies their orgasms. Other options include Cock & Ball (C&B) rings that are worn around the shaft and scrotum, while some are designed to squeeze or stretch the balls alone. Certain styles combine constriction with a fuller-coverage cage. No matter your preference is, there’s a cock ring out there that’s just right for you. 

Another popular option is the Vibrating Cock Ring. Vibrating Cock Rings have a bullet or a mini vibe at the top, on the bottom, or on both sides of the ring that stimulate your partner’s clitoris, perineum, or other sensitive spots.

Strokers & Vibrating Strokers
Strokers (also known as Male Masturbators) are sex toys for men that come in many styles, sizes and shapes. Designed for solo strokers or for use with a partner to spice things up, and create new feelings and sensations you never thought you could feel! There are strokers designed to mimic anal, mouth, and vaginal intercourse. If you're looking for a male sex toy that gives the fantasy of oral sex, or the visual of anal sex there are endless choices to help you reach your ideal orgasm. 

Depending on the sensation you are looking for there are strokers with suction, and other stimulation techniques that give you a range of different sensations and pleasures that feel totally out of this world! 

The only way to make anything better, is by putting a motor in it, and see how it runs! This is why we also have a Vibrating Strokers Collection. These Toys take the masturbation game on a whole new and different level. 

With our full Collection of Strokers & Vibrating Strokers we’ve got the perfect one to give you a hand, and experience something different! 

For Pleasure & Comfort
The key with using any toy is to make sure you use plenty of lube to maximize the experience, and comfort. Some materials and lubes are not compatible with each other, this is why we recommend to use Water Based Lubricants with this collection, to get the most satisfaction out of your new toy! Water Based sex lubes are compatible with all types of materials including silicone. They’re easy to wash off and available in all kinds of textures, flavours, and scents, so you’ll always have a water based lubricant that will be perfect for use with your new Strokers! 

Taking Care of your Toys!
To maintain the lifespan and usability of your Toys, cleaning it after each use is essential! Use a good quality anti-bacterial 
Toy Cleaner and some warm water to keep it hygienic, and fresh for each time you use it!