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Personal Lubricants

Not every lube is made the same! To help you find what you’re looking for, this is the perfect place to start! 

All of our lubricants are categorized by Type of Lubricants, popular Tags that narrow the search by special characteristics, and also by popular Brands! 

Types of Lubricants are categorized by the base of their formula which can be Water Based, Silicone Based, or both. 

Anal Lubricants are thicker, and will feel more jelly. It’s purposely designed for anal play to increase comfort and pleasure, and are mostly silicone based, unless otherwise stated

Silicone Lubricants can also be used for anal, they are also waterproof, which means they can be used in places such as the showers, or baths. They also last relatively longer than other types of formulas. 

Hybrid Lubricants bring the best of both worlds between Silicone Lubricants, and Water Based Lubricants. Natural benefits of Water Based Lubricants, by keeping your skin moisturized, and reducing the amount of chemicals in the formula, but still providing enough silicone, for long lasting, waterproof action! 

Water Based Lubricants are a natural source of lubrication, they can be edible, and some are derived from completely natural ingredients.

Flavoured Lubricants are mainly designed for oral play, and are perfect For Couples! They can be mixed and matched creating a unique flavour for you and your partner. 

Female Enhancers are designed to stimulate female body parts, whether it’s for the nipples or the clitoris, these products bring all new sensations that only a few have felt before! 

Male Enhancers are designed to stimulate male body parts, and also to increase performance, by staying harder longer, or by desensitizing to help you get across that finish line! 

Masturbation Creams also come in different formulas, but generally are Oil Based, or Water Based, they are specifically designed for stroking action. 

Massage Oils relax your partner, use them to destress your partner, they are also great for foreplay!  

You can also narrow down your search by applying Tags. Lubricants come in many different characteristics.

To help you filter through them quicker, and to explore new and exciting products, we set up these popular Tags such as: Warming, Cooling, and Unique.

Not all lubes are safe with toys, so we highlighted lubes that are Safe with all Toys

Products with tags that are Made in Canada, are just that! Support our Canadian businesses with Canadian brands!  

Some formulas eat latex away, especially if there is some friction, this is why we have Condom Compatible tag. Focus more on enjoyment, and less about your condom!  

If you know what you’re looking for filter by Brands, to find your products faster, and easier, or try searching by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of the page!