blush Stay Hard Donut Rings Oversized Package

blush Stay Hard Donut Rings Oversized

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Perform like the stud you are! These blush Stay Hard Donut Rings are a simple seductive add on to prolong your erection so you can prolong your sessions with your partner! blush Stay Hard Donut cock rings provide amazing benefits as these can be used around the shaft or both the shaft and testicles to increase both your size and stamina. 33% thicker than our regular Donut rings so they aid in improving your stamina even more! Made from our proprietary blend of super stretchy Elastomer for your safety and hygiene during your intimate play. You and your partner will love your bigger, harder erection that lasts longer! 

  • Increase stamina and enjoy harder erections
  • Thicker by 20% Compared to the standard cock rings on the market
  • Mega stretchy made from tear-resistant TPE. Perfect tension for maximum comfort
  • One size fits all - Inner Diameter: 0.7" / Outer Diameter: 1.67"