On the left side of the image is the product packaging. On the left side of packaging is Performance & blush logos, and product name VX6. On the front of the packaging is the Performance logo, Product name: VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump with Brass Pistol & Pressure Guage, an image of the product with measurements displayed: 9"L x 2"W / 22.9 cm x 5.1 cm, "Proffessional Grade", and product features at the bottom. Beside the packaging is the product standing from the base of the cylinder.
blush Performance VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump With Brass Pistol & Pressure Gauge features: Quick release valve (pointing to the valve on the brass pistol); DETACHABLE CRYSTAL - CLEAR CYLINDER; PRO QUALITY BRASS PUMP PISTOL; VACUUM PRESSURE GAUGE; QUICK RELEASE VALVE; LAB CERTIFIED - BODY SAFE; FRAGRANCE & PARAFFIN FREE; LATEX & PHTHALATE FREE.
blush Performance VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump Brass Pistol Height: 24.1 centimetres / 9.5 inches; Brass Pistol length: 15.2 centimetres / 6 inches; Cylinder width: 5.1 centimetres / 2 inches; Cylinder insertable length: 22.9 centimetres / 9 inches.
Nterchange Connector Instructions: To connect the tubing, press and twist the connector at the end of the tube; When you hear the click, the tubing is fully inserted; To remove, push the metal tab inward and pull the tubing at the base. You can remove the tubing and pump while maintaining pressure in the cylinder.
Side view of the blush Performance VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump With Brass Pistol & Pressure Gauge

blush Performance VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump With Brass Pistol & Pressure Gauge

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The VX6 Male Enhancement Pump System brings engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your penis. The VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump comes complete with an airtight cylinder (measuring 22.9 cm / 9” in length by 5.1 cm / 2” in width), silicone tubing, a professional-grade brass pump pistol with a vacuum pressure gauge, and a quick-release valve for your peace of mind.

The cylinder is also detachable if you are seeking to hold the suction while you play. The VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump is compatible and interchangeable with other Nterchange systems that are compatible with Performance and Temptasia pumping accessories to customize your experience and sharing of your Blush product with your partner. They are easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean!

Enjoy peace of mind with responsibly made products by Blush, makers of quality, and thoughtful sexual wellness products since 2007.

  • Lab-Certified - Body-Safe: Free from fragrance, paraffin, latex, or phthalate
  • Precision-Engineered vacuum pressure gauge, with etched measurement markers
  • Professional grade trigger handle, with a pressure release valve on the pro-quality brass pump pistol
  • Detachable crystal-clear cylinder
  • Quick-Release Nterchange connectors, with durable silicone tubing
  • Replaceable & upgradable components Via the Nterchange system
  • Compatible with all Nterchange system Performance, Temptasia pumps & accessories

Product length: 24.1 cm / 9.5”
Insertable length: 22.9 cm / 9”
Product width: 5.1 cm / 2”

Materials: ABS, Acrylic, Silicone, and Brass