On left side of image is product packaging. On left side of packaging is image of product with features: Cap for discreet storage; Control suction amount; Realistic moaning. Front of package has M for Men logo, image of Male Masturbator, with a close up image of canal, product name: Torch Joyride, product feature icons for: Soft realistic feel; Ribbed canal; Easy to love & clean; Rechargeable, and below blush logo. Beside package is product, laying on its side.
Front view from the top of the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator
blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator measurements: Product width: 10.2 centimetres / 4 inches; Product length: 28.6 centimetres / 11.25 inches; Insertable length: 15.2 centimetres / 6 inches.
Side view picture of a woman wearing lingerie, with both hands in the air, and the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator beside her. On the top is the M for Men logo, and product name: Torch Joyride, "Mount and headphones included", and on bottom right is the blush logo.
At the top is an icon for ribbed canal, a close up image of the button that controls stroking speed, and a cut away view of the ribbed tunnel inside the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator.
A close up of the mount for the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator, with two directional arrows pointing left to "lock", and right to "open". Descriptive text: Tripod mount for hands free play.
An icon for realistic moaning. A close up of a woman's lower face, while holding the side of the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator close to her lips, with her finger hovering above the Realistic moaning button. An image in the lower left of earphones, and caption: Headphones included.
A female hand is holding the cap for the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator, partly showing inside, with caption: Cap for discreet storage.
An icon for Rechargeable - Dual use headphones & charging port. A close up to the back of the blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator, showing where to insert the USB charging cable. In the bottom right of the image is the blush logo.

blush M For Men Torch Joyride Male Masturbator

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Featuring advanced Auto Stroker technology The Torch Joyride has become the male masturbator device of choice! With an adjustable removable mount, and a suction cup base that allows you to mount it on the wall, your desk, or play with it in the shower.

The Torch Joyride Male Masturbator has an auto stroking function. Insert your penis into the soft, textured and ribbed sleeve, turn on the auto stroker and feel your penis being stroked until you bust your nut, with 7 unique stroking settings to choose from!

Lastly, plug the included headphones into the Torch Joyride Male Masturbator, and you can privately listen to women moaning in ecstasy. You are now enveloped in a cocoon of erotic pleasure, enjoy!

The discreet canister means no one needs to know what you have hidden inside. Compatible with Water Based, Silicone Based, and Hybrid Lubricants. The sleeve is made with soft, body safe X5 TPE, and contains no phthalates, paraffins, or latex. Refresh it with the blush Toy Renewal Powder when product is clean and dry.

  • Auto Stroker technology so you don’t have to manually do it
  • 7 stroking modes that each will give you a unique experience
  • Soft erotic feel
  • Intricately textured sleeve designed to massage & caress
  • Hear her moan with headphones included
  • Removable suction cup mount
  • Easy to love & clean
  • Rechargeable with USB cable included

Product length: 28.6 cm / 11.25”
Insertable length: 15.2 cm / 6”
Product width: 10.2 cm / 4”

Material: TPE

Battery: Lithium-Ion Polymer
Charge time: 150 mins
Run time: Up to 40 mins