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Adult Toys

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Satisfyer Wand-er Women Wand Vibrator

  • Black
  • Purple

Hott Products Wet Dreams Handy Man Stroker Sleeve


blush Performance VS4 Pure Premium Silicone Cock Rings

$10.00 $8.00

blush Luxe Beau Vibrator


blush Loverboy The Cowboy Self Lubricating Butt Stroker


blush Pride Bear Realistic Dildo by Avant


blush M For Men All In Stroker


Satisfyer Epic Duo Ring Vibrator with Clitoral Stimulation


Satisfyer Men Vibration+ Vibrator


blush X5 Men Goin' Down BJ Stroker


blush Dr. Skin 18" Realistic Double Dildo


Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 2 Multi Vibrator


CalExotics Cheap Thrills The Good Time Stroker


Hott Products Wet Dreams Tight Grip Stroker Sleeve


blush Anal Adventures Platinum Loop Plug Kit


Hott Products Wet Dreams Big Balls Stroker Sleeve


Satisfyer Royal One Vibrating Cock Ring

$53.00 $43.00

Satisfyer Endless Love Multi-Vibrator

$53.00 $43.00

Pipedream Real Feel Deluxe 6.5" Vibrating Dildo No. 1


blush M For Men All Nighter Glowing Textured Stroker


blush Lock On Adapter With Suction Cup


blush Kool Vibes Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

  • Cherry
  • Grape

blush EnLust Tasha Soft and Wet Glow In The Dark Stroker


blush EnLust Nicole Vibrating Stroker


blush EnLust Molly Stroker


blush EnLust Krystal Vibrating Stroker


blush EnLust Destini Vibrating Stroker


blush EnLust Cassie Stroker


blush EnLust Candi Stroker


blush EnLust Ayumi Vibrating Stroker


Adult Toys Collection

Bullet Vibrators
For a pocket-sized vibrator that really packs the pleasure, look no further than a bullet vibe! These compact & discreet little toys are a fantastic way to put the incredible vibration sensations exactly where you want them, and are discreet enough to easily keep out-of-sight in your pocket or purse. Of course, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re basic. There are many models of bullet vibrators that feature adjustable vibe settings to increase the intensity or change up the pattern of pulses for a different type of orgasmic experience. Bullets are a great way to add some extra excitement to the clitoris during intercourse, or as a part of your solo masturbation playtime.

Rabbit Vibrators
Rabbit Vibrators hit all the right places, at the same time, over and over until you hit your orgasmic bliss by massaging the clitoris at the same time as the vagina. Many women are not able to reach a climax unless there is direct stimulation to the clitoris, so it’s easy to see why rabbit vibes are so popular. Rabbit Vibrators are consistently rated as one of the best types of sex toys to use by most women.

Traditional Vibrators
If you want to get as close to the real thing as possible, Check out Traditional Vibrators, or Realistic Vibrators. These vibrators are designed and sculpted to mimic the size, shape, and feel of real cocks, and combine them with the wonderful sensations of a vibrator. No matter what your preference is, whether it’s a particular size or a feel, there’s a vibrator that’s exactly what you need!

Vibrating Dildos
For an extra-intense experience from your dildo, consider going for one that has a built-in vibrator, or a slot for a vibrating bullet. This will get you the awesome sensations of a great dildo, and you can turn on the vibes and adjust the intensity to kick your orgasms into high gear and get even more pleasure!

This is the style of vibrator that started it all. Simple in design, yet powerful in how they work, Wand Massagers typically consist of a rounded end attached to a long handheld wand that includes the controls and batteries or power cord. When switched on, the rounded end of the wand massager vibrates at different adjustable intensity settings.

Wand massagers are most commonly used to stimulate the clitoris, but can provide delightful sensations anywhere on your body that you want to feel them. Wand massagers are a great introduction to the world of vibrators, and have many attachments and accessories available for you to experience different sensations. For many people they are the go-to sex toy whenever they get frisky in the bedroom. They’re easy to use and they work amazingly well. You definitely can’t go wrong with the proven design of a wand massager vibrator!

Cock Rings & Vibrating Cock Rings
The main reasons men and their partners choose to use Cock Rings are for erection support, and enhancement. Tension from the ring helps prevent blood from leaving the penis once it’s erect. The additional stimulation may also be helpful for people who experience erectile dysfunction or have medical conditions that leave them unsupported. Cock Rings come in all shapes, sizes and textures. They are usually worn at the base of your penis or around the shaft, and scrotom area. The Rings are made out of different materials, that produce different effects, For Him and For Her. Avid users report that cock rings make their erections harder, making them last longer, and intensifies their orgasms.

Other options include Cock & Ball (C&B) rings that are worn around the shaft and scrotum, while some are designed to squeeze or stretch the balls alone. Certain styles combine constriction with a fuller-coverage cage. No matter your preference is, there’s a cock ring out there that’s just right for you.

Another popular option is the Vibrating Cock Ring. Vibrating Cock Rings have a bullet or mini vibe at the top, on the bottom, or on both sides of the ring can help to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, perineum, or other sweet spots.

Strokers & Vibrating Strokers
Strokers or also known as Male Masturbators, sex toys for men that come in many styles, sizes and shapes. Designed for solo strokers or for use with a partner to spice things up, and create new feelings and sensations you never thought you could feel!

There are strokers designed to mimic ass, mouth, and vagina. So if you're looking for a male sex toy that gives the fantasy of oral sex, or the visual of anal sex there are endless choices to help you reach your ideal orgasm. Furthermore, depending on the sensation you are looking for there are strokers with suction, and other stimulation techniques that give you a range of different sensations and pleasures that feel totally out of this world!

The only way to make anything better, is by putting a motor in it, and see how it runs! This is why we also have a Vibrating Strokers Collection! These Toys take the masturbation game on a whole new different level. With our full Collection of Strokers & Vibrating Strokers we’ve got the perfect one to give you a hand, and potnetially experience a trully unique orgasm!

Bondage or also knows as BDSM (Can be interpreted as Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism, Masochism), is an art of various erotic practices or role playing. Our Bondage selection is on a beginner friendly level, and carries simple products such as restraints, like Hand Cuffs, and Gags! Even if you never considered experimenting with Bondage, these products will add a little spark to your love life, adding a little excitement and creativity!

Extender Sleeves
Extender Sleeves add a completely unique experience to your intercourse! Firm & flexible materials will create new & pleasant sensations that are sure to please, and increase sex drive all together!

Strap Ons
Strap Ons cover a range of needs and desires, it can be a fun way of experimenting with role reversal, or it can be about taking control (with consent of course), and thrusting your partner into an orgasmic bliss!

Strapless Dildos
Try a whole new experience with Strapless fun! The idea is that the wearer inserts the anchoring bulb into their vagina, which leaves the dildo portion protruding so they can then penetrate their partner with. It takes some practice and creativity, but the best thing of a strapless strap-on is that it allows you to feel incredibly close to your partner during penetration, with no harnesses in the way!

For Pleasure & Comfort
The key with using any toy is to make sure you use plenty of lube to maximize the experience, and comfort. Some materials and lubes are not compatible with each other, this is why we recommend to use Water Based Lubricants with this collection, to get the most satisfaction out of your new toy! Water Based sex lubes are compatible with all types of materials including silicone, PVC, plastic, metal, and glass. They’re easy to wash off and available in all kinds of textures, flavours, and scents, so you’ll always have a water based lubricant that will be perfect for use with your new Strokers!

Taking Care of your Toys!
To maintain the lifespan and usability of your Toys, cleaning it before, and after each use is essential! Use a good quality anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner, and some warm water to keep it hygienic, and fresh for each time you use your toy!